Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Clyde M. Doughty Jr. Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation 516.686.1133
Melissa Perry Associate Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator 516.686.1216
Carlos Delcid Asst. Athletic Director/Head Men's Soccer Coach 516.686.1214
Gail Wasmus Asst. Athletic Director/Head Volleyball Coach 516.686.7447
Steve Christianson Administrative Assistant/Head Softball Coach 516.686.7626
Jason Imperati Athletic Compliance Officer 516.686.3974
Sabrina Polidoro Director of Sports Information 516.686.7504
James Massari Facility and Game Day Operations 516.686.1218
TBA Equipment Manager 516.686.1345
Dean Kamvakis Head Athletic Trainer 516.686.7776
Nicole Moreno Assistant Athletic Trainer 516.686.7687
Bill Dunn Strength and Conditioning Coach/Head Lacrosse Coach 516.686.7620
Shelly Schneider Recreation Supervisor 516.686.1209
Robert "Sinck" Sinckler Assistant Recreation Supervisor 516.686.1209
Elaine Brown Faculty Athletic Representative 516.686.1190


Name Title Phone Email
Bob Malvagna Head Coach 516.686.7513
Steve Malvagna Assistant Coach/Camp Coordinator 516.686.1315
Anthony Bonomo Jr. Assistant Coach 516.686.1315
Vinny Rubino Assistant Coach 516.686.1315

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Sal Lagano Head Coach 516.686.7643
Rob Isme Assistant Coach
Cameron Johnson Assistant Coach
Andrew Cobian Assistant Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Anthony Crocitto Head Coach 516.686.7614
Wayne Jones Assistant Coach 516.686.1357
Tesia Harris Assistant Coach
Lisa Claxton Assistant Coach

Men's and Women's Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Thomas Brouillard Head Coach 516.686.7627
Jelissa Lyons Assistant Coach
Juliana Arantes Assistant Coach
Elphas Kimutai Assistant Coach

Men's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Bill Dunn Head Coach/Strength and Conditioning Coach 516.686.7620
Karl Hedstrom Assistant Coach
Stephen Tempone Assistant Coach
Justin Battino Assistant Coach
Anthony Muscarella Assistant Coach
Brian Mangan Assistant Coach

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Carlos Delcid Asst. Athletic Director/Head Coach 516.686.1214
Frantz St. Lot Assistant Coach
Pablo Posada Assistant Coach
Chris Lowe Goalkeeper Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Michael Caputo Head Coach 516.686.1215
Gina DiMartino Assistant Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Christianson Head Coach 516.686.7626
Rebecca Stein Assistant Coach

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
TBA Head Coach 516.686.1345

Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
TBA Head Coach 516.686.1345

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Gail Wasmus Head Coach 516.686.7447
Kevin Cardoza Assistant Coach 516.686.7471

Name Title Phone Email